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The HOF ceremonies are Saturday night and the game on Sunday. Looking forward to it.


Olympic medals’ monetary value may shock you

LONDON – The value of an Olympic medal, for many the crowning achievement of a lifetime’s work, is of course priceless – an irreplaceable memento to outstanding athletic achievement.

Yet in real terms, at least for the third place finishers at London 2012, the actual monetary value of medals is astonishingly low.

The bronze medals awarded at these games have been valued at just £3 ($4.71).

hose that occupy the bottom rung of the podium are given prizes that are made up of 97 percent copper, 2.5 percent zinc and 0.5 percent tin, which according to London’s Daily Mail newspaper makes them worth £3 at current prices.

“Copper is not a particularly valuable metal,” jewelry expert Dan Cohen said in a telephone interview with Yahoo! Sports. Cohen is director of Bellore, a leading store in Hatton Garden, the famous jewelry quarter of central London. “Copper prices have gone up recently though, so much so that people have been stealing brass cables and so on. One and two pence pieces in the United Kingdom are no longer made of copper, because they would be more valuable if they were melted down.”

London 2012 medals weigh just under one pound and at three inches across are the biggest ever awarded at a Summer Olympics. They were designed by artist David Watkins and 4,700 of them will be handed out over the course of the event.

The gold and silver medals, naturally, have a greater actual value. A gold is worth $644, yet is only one percent gold, with the rest made up of silver and copper. The silvers replace the gold element with extra copper, and are worth about half as much.



I have been really impressed with the Orioles this season. Yes, I have bash them but this year things have clicked. It’s August and they are still in contention for at least a wild card spot.

Supreme Sports Forum

I have created a new sports forum. Looking for members to join.



Ravens vs Steelers Game Recap

Well it was a great game. Two great teams trying to win and be in first place in the division. Well the Ravens played their usual great play and bad play. They lost the game on a Flacco fumble cause by Palamalo. What a big time guy this Palamalo is.

The Ravens now have to win at least the next 3 out of 4 to make a wildcard bid.

Why does Flacco do these bad plays in key moments? This is his 3rd year and look at all the weapons he has now. Still the same old offense.

The next 4 games for the Ravens are  a Monday night game against the Texans, then the Super Bowl Champions Saints, Browns and the last game against the Bengals.

The Ravens could go 8-8 if they lose all these games. They could lose to the Texans, definitely loss at Saints, Browns could be a loss cause the Browns have gotten much better and the Bengals already beat us and still are a good team.

If we wind up 8-8 no playoffs this year. We’ll have to wait and see how the team comes back from the Steelers loss. The Ravens had such a great chance to have a first round bye,  a home field game. Now they have to struggle and win out the rest of their games just to get a wildcard. It’s going to be tough and I predict they won’t make the playoffs.

Thursday Night Football

The Ravens faced the Falcons in the first Thursday night game of the season. I am not a huge fan of Thursday night games. The NFL has played on Sundays for many, many years and I don’t know why they must have these players play Thursday games.Most of the country doesn’t even have the NFL Network so lots of fans never even saw the game on tv.

On to the game. It was a long hard fought night for the Ravens. They looked very bad at times and good at times. The offense finally got the lead with 1:05 left in the 4th quarter after lots of struggling. Then the Falcons go on and drive down and score the winning touchdown. Can’t blame it on the refs, the defense couldn’t stop the Falcons, not just on this series but the whole game.

What is up with the Ravens defense. The look old, the front line is playing so poorly. They are not stopping the run which was their best things. Now, they can’t stop anything.

I knew eventually that the Ravens defense would not be good anymore. The players move on, retire and age. We have some young players on the team which will help us in the future but not now. At least we now have an offense which needs now to score lots of points cause our defense will give up lots of points.

I know we will hear the same old thing from Harbaugh, players but if they continue to play bad on defense and special teams, don’t even think they will make the playoffs or Super Bowl this year.

With the Steelers playing great again, it’s going to be tough for the Ravens to win the division or even beat them in the playoffs if we meet them again.

State of the Ravens

After an overtime loss yesterday to the Patriots. A game they should have, would have and could have won… they didn’t. It seemed like in the 4th quarter and in overtime the Ravens where playing too much prevent defense. They also looked tired.

Your up by 10 points going in the 4th quarter and your defense loses the game for the team. I am not blaming the game all on Joe Flacco and the offense. They score 20 points and as Ray Lewis says, give us a good lead and we win the game for you.

Well, the defense didn’t live up to that yesterday. There was hardly any pressure up front from the D-Line and the secondary was so off, it was too much cushion and Brady had so much time. Webb had probably his worse day as a CB for the team. He was beaten so badly all day. Besides the passing game, the Ravens now can’t stop the running game.

I know the Ravens are 4-2 and there is still a lot more games to play but how are the Ravens going to do against the upcoming great teams we have to play. We have the Saints, Falcons, Steelers, Bengals, Texans. They are going to really beat us if we continue to play poorly.

Next week we will probably beat the Bills big and then have our bye week and stand at 5-2 but those at the Castle better come up with some better game plans.

No time to panic or call for any coaching firing but if the Ravens fail to make the post season, heads could roll.